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Paint3D 1.3 has been released! (list of changes)

Paint3D is an innovative, easy to learn and use 3D bitmap editor that allows you to paint, draw, sculpt and create in 3D using an approach similar to 2D paint programs. Paint3D was designed to be accessible to casual users and has an intuitive interface with no need to memorize hundreds of commands or tools.

Traditional 3D modelling softwares use a mesh of triangles to represent the surface of the objects. Paint3D images are composed of a 3D grid of voxels (3D pixels), little cubes containing color (32bit true color with transparency) information just like a 2D bitmap is composed of little squares.

But what does all that stuff means? If you can draw in 2D, you can pick up the basics of Paint3D and start creating your own 3D stuff in minutes! Sounds too good to be true? Then check out our video gallery to see Paint3D in real time action!

With Paint3D you can:

  • Draw all you ever wanted in 3D but were unable to because of the complexity of traditional 3D software:
    • Objects, architecture, sculptures, terrain, plants, characters, text and much more!
    • Use 2D shots of your 3D images as logos, website images, icons, text illustrations - anywhere you need a 3D-looking image.
    • Have fun creating 3D art without being an artist with months/years of training.
  • Make old-school looking 3D pixel art (technically voxel art).
  • Preserve your trace when you draw, allowing you to:
    • Quickly draw organic, free-form things that require a lot of work in traditional vector modelers.
    • Write in 3D using your own calligraphy. The Paint3D logo above was created that way.
  • Use real volumetric transparency to create fog, clouds, liquids, glasses - any color can be made transparent and you can use 256 levels of opacity.
  • Make truly volumetric solids, painting not only surfaces but also the interiors of objects. This can be used to:
    • Make 3D textures such as wood.
    • Make objects with internal structure even if they are 100% solid.
    • Make characters with internal organs and skeleton.
  • Interoperate with 2D paint programs using cut/copy/paste to transfer 2D slices between programs.
    • Paste a 2D image in Paint3D and use it as reference to draw it in 3D.
    • Extrude a 2D image to make a 3D object.
    • Copy slices from Paint3D to other software, apply advanced textures/effects and paste it back.
  • Import/Export formats from other 3D bitmap (voxel) editors.
    • Currently supported import/export formats: V3A, V3B, VOX, KV6.
  • Export your creations as 3D vector models that can be imported in traditional 3D modeling software.
    • The only currently supported format is OBJ/MTL but it can be imported in most mainstream 3D editors.
    • Use the exported models to make independent games or anything else that needs 3D models.
  • Do many other things, this is just a small list of important features. Your imagination is the only limit!

If you are a programmer you can also make and run IronPython scripts inside Paint3D. Scripts can be created to do almost anything, including:

  • Procedurally generate 3D textures, fractals, sculptures, terrains and objects.
  • Graph 3D mathematical equations.
  • Apply filters and other modifications to images or selections.
  • Create and play animations.
  • React to what the user draws.
  • Import/export any format, 2D or 3D, bitmap or vector.
    • Import 2D heightmaps and generate terrains.
    • Import 2D textures and apply to surfaces.
    • Make scripts to export/import from games that use voxels, scientific volume data or any other voxel-based application.
    • Use a different polygonization algorithm to export vector models.
    • Maybe even make a voxelization script to import from a vector format.

Note that those are not built-in functionalities, just some of the possibilities of scripting. You can see some example scripts and their results on the scripts gallery.

Want to give it a try?

Download our free trial! If you like it, please support future development of Paint3D buying the full version. We intend to add new features often so be sure to visit this site from time to time.

Feel free to contact us If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or bug reports. Also consider joining our forum. There you will be able to interact directly with the developer and other users, share your creations (3D images or scripts) and see other people's creations.